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We are an all purpose repair and maintenance shop for all passenger vehicle types that specializes in preventative fleet maintenance for keeping light to medium duty trucks in perfect running specifications.
The NSM customer is a successful small to medium business fleet owner whom has multiple work / fleet vehicles that must be always ready for work and kept dependable. Next Service has the benefit of years of predictable, dependable trusted service for their customers.
We are the preferred mechanical shop for numerous fleets throughout the GVRD including Contour Landscaping Ltd which (40+ trucks).


We also service Bobcat earth moving machinery.

We are convenient

We are right next door to a premium lawn and garden equipment supplier. Landscaping companies often bring their equipment next door to Foreshore Equipment for servicing while we work on their work trucks.

We are specialists

Next Service Mechanical offers just about everything needed for your fleet or personal vehicle.

• NSM does a full inspection for all vehicles to preempt any potential issues that may cause down time.
• Zero down time policy and goal for all NSM’s customers • Diesel experience on work trucks.
• First hand extensive knowledge, experience and specialty with all work trucks old and new.
• NSM is not limited to experience with just engines and drive trains but with structural, electrical and many other issues.
• NSM is highly qualified, well known and trusted for all fleet maintenance purposes.
• We can keep your vehicle looking professional.

We are professional grade technicians For all discerning customers who want the best mechanical knowledge and service. If you are in the area, we can pick up and drop off your vehicle. We also have a loaner truck for your crew so they can continue working while we work on yours.

Working time

WEEK DAYS:   8:00 am– 4:00pm


#113 – 4663 Byrne Road

Burnaby, BC V5J 3H6

Located at the are the last bay at the end of the complex.